Chia sẻ khóa học miễn phí (cập nhập hàng ngày)

Chia sẻ khóa học miễn phí là website cung cấp các khóa học về: Lập trình, thiết kế, kinh tế, đời sống,…… Ở đây bạn có thể tìm thấy mọi thứ bạn cần để học tập và nghiên cứu. Course trên có course free,course tính phí, course giảm giá…. Mình tin nhiều người muốn học mà nhìn thấy giá $ là lại bỏ nên tại blog này mình sẽ thường xuyên cập nhập các Course FREE (nhưng sau 1 thời gian là hết Free)và Course với mã giảm giá 100% = FREE để mọi người học nha ^^ đã chia sẻ các khóa học miễn phí (miễn phí/coupon giảm 100%) từ tháng 12/2015. Mình chia sẻ cả trên facebook ( và blog  Nhưng bắt đầu từ 9/4/2016 mình sẽ gộp tất cả chia sẻ khóa học Udemy về bài viết này ^^ vừa tiện cho việc mình cập nhập các khóa học mới vừa tiện cho các bạn lấy khóa học về  😀 Nếu bạn yêu thích những khóa học Udemy (nhất là yêu thích những khóa học do chia sẻ 😀 ) thì hãy lưu link bài viết này lại và truy cập mỗi ngày để nhận course mới nha.  Nhớ là course sẽ cập nhập mới MỖI NGÀY nhớ 😀

Chia sẻ khóa học miễn phí (cập nhập hàng ngày)

Nếu không vào được link là do mạng bạn đang dùng chặn . Để truy cập hãy dùng 1 trong số các cách mình chia sẻ tại:  😀


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Năm 2016 (trước 9/4/2016)

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26 course FREE

Adventure Capital: How to pay off debt

LIVE: The Art of Balancing Work Life and Family Life

Intro to the Army Professional Reading Programme

Learn to Make an Animated Image Gallery using HTML5

Take a crack at learning GRE vocabulary

How To Craft An Irresistible Lead Magnet To Build Your List

Accounting Crash Course

Crash Course on Cost of Capital and Capital Structuring

Balance Sheet Crash Course

Cost Accounting Crash Course

Crash Course on Working Capital Management

Crash Course on Capital Budgeting Techniques

Valuation of Goodwill for CA / CFA / CMA Exams

Basics of Derivative Instruments for CA / CS / CFA exams

Basics of Banking ( For Banking Aspirants)

Time Value of Money for CA / CFA / CPA Exams

Travel Tips: Travel Free without ruining yourself

Service Design fundamentals: business perspective

Webinar Marketing Success!

Installing Ruby

Selenium with C# and Java Titbits

advocate series lectures // the mifi device

Discover Web Application Security Issues using Burp Proxy

The Power Of Free Udemy Courses & How To Get Started

SSL/TLS Protocol and Handshake Process

Polish Language Crash Course for Beginners

Interviews and Tips with Startup Sales Leaders

JUnit Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Java Unit Testing

Introduction to Ukulele 1

Goals: From Vision to Reality

5 Brief Lessons on Biology

The Complete JavaScript Course For Web Development Beginners

Key to a Great Copywriting Career

Mailchimp tutorial :Step by step in depth

Do your Inner Laundry!

Liberation Training

Bootstrap 4 Quick Start: Code Modern Responsive Websites

Kinetic Typography Crash Course – Create Motion Graphic Text

Affiliate Marketing How I make $129 or more per day online

Learn Java Like a Kid: Build Three Desktop and Mobile Apps!

CCNP Route 642-902 Implementing Cisco IP Routing

CCNP Switch 642-813 Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks

Mobile Actionscript 3 Basics

Design and Illustrate Giant Robots with Adobe Flash

Make An Online Income By Buying And Selling Domains On eBay

How To Make Huge Amounts Of Money – Outsource Your Business

JV Secrets – The Absolute Fastest Way To Make Passive Income

Blogs in Plain English – How To Make Passive Income Blogging

PHP for Absolute Beginners

Startup & Go – First Steps to Building a Technology Company

Create Celebrity Style Videos

How To Save Money

How I Have Became Much More Productive – And How You Can Too

Boxing, kickboxing & self defense: learn fighting

Making Amazing Free Graphics for Udemy & Social Media Posts!

How to Sell on Amazon – Amazon FBA Basics for Beginners

Personal Finance Mastery: Debt Money Budgeting and Investing

Self Esteem: From Self Doubt to Confident Self Image Use NLP

Career Development: Career Planning for Best Career Changes

Turn Your Players Into Fans & Build a Thriving App Business

Business Communication Give Expertise Teaching Udemy Courses

Stress Management Now: Reduce Stress and Anxiety Enjoy Life

You Can Buy Art – collecting made clear

Vocabulary Learning: Smarter Kids in a Year – Verb to Noun 4

SGTGI: Preparing for the College Admissions Process

Selling Social Media to Your Boss

Introduction To Constant Contact Toolkit

How Chinese social media can help your business

Instant Profits with Instagram

Meetup Management: How to properly setup and run your group

Viral Launch Blueprint: Launch Your Business Virally

Your Business SuperPower: Grow Your Business In Less Time

Exploring Entrepreneurship for the Creative Professions

Better virtual meetings

Twitter : Getting Started With Marketing on Twitter

How to Market Your Udemy Course: Instructors with Audiences

Music Marketing Demystified

Get that article published

Ecommerce Basics for your New Business

Caption your Udemy Videos for FREE and Increase your Sales!

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

How To Create and Record Online Courses

Reasonable Teaching: The 13×4 to Master The Art of Teaching

Increase Trust & Flow – Accelerate Your Business Growth!

Learn to Create Amazing Customer Experience Blueprints

Entrepreneurship 101 Make Money From eBooks and Courses

How to do High Conversion of Lead Page from scratch

Targeted Networking: A new approach for millennials!

Social Networking for Conferences and Events

How to Quickly Build an Effective Survey

Personal Branding for Beginners using 7 key skills

How to Win New Business

Demystifying Your Personal Tax Return

Sales War…Ending the Conflict Between Sales and Credit

Conscious Business: Work & Succeed with Purpose & Fulfilment

Take Charge Of Your Credit Facilities

Investigator Ethics for the PI, Consumer and Client

CashKidz – An Introduction

Learn How to Avoid the 7 Biggest FAFSA Mistakes

Learn the Environment of Financial Reporting to SUCCEED!

Conceptual Framework of Accounting, YOU NEED TO KNOW for CPA

IFRIC 13-Customer Loyalty Programmes (Revenue)

Learn Accounting Debits & Credits, Succeed on the CPA exam!

IAS 1-Presentation of Financial Statements

IAS 8-Accounting Policies ,Changes in Accounting Estimates

IAS 16-Property,Plant and Equipment

Conquer Conducttr – a Quick Start Guide

Taking Action in a Complex World

10 Ways to Create an Opportunity Rich Life

How To Overcome Fear About Business Today

Predictions for the New Age

How to Create a Course for Your Business

Create Real Change: Create a Quality Learning Experience

FREE Unique Course : Discover Your Beast of Productivity

Products to Sell from Home for Profit

Masterful Living: A New Beginning

Cultural Issues Encountered by International Travelers

What’s in a Career: Is That All It Is?

Sell More Books on Amazon with these 5 Best Seller Secrets!

Form Joint Venture Partnerships To Sell Online Courses

Find & Flip Killer Flea Market Bargains On Amazon & eBay

Organizational Change

Purchasing your first investment property

The Next Level

How To Create a WordPress Membership Site With ZippyCourses

Easy Video Creation For Marketers and Businesses

Learn how to create a WordPress theme using Pinegrow

How to Create Information Products from Scratch

Supercharge Your eBay Selling With 2 Simple Marketing Tricks

Amazon FBA vs. eBay Selling

How To Make Money Online – 6 Day Profit System

Selling on Amazon – Tips & Strategies to Increase Sales NOW!

How to Sell Products on Amazon

Get started selling on eBay Today!

PMP Stakeholder Management

Natural media brushes in photoshop

Exploring Design Management

ODOO Property Management System

Ultimate guide to maths word problems – Beginners Part One

=> Cập nhập 5h44 PM ngày 9/4/2016 <=

Learning Apache Hadoop EcoSystem- Hive

Get business help with Problemio entrepreneur apps

Excel: Powerful Insights that will Double your Salary

Get 10x Returns: Make a Photo App With a Top-Performing Code

The Complete PHP CodeIgniter Course: Beginner To Advanced

YouTube Best Practices – Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

Long Exposure Photography: Shoot Your Own Stunning Photos

Online Course Crash Course: Win at Teaching Online Courses

How To Release Stress For Intuitive Souls

Value Investing, Taught by Six Superinvestors

Leveraging HootSuite For Social Media Productivity & Success

The 1010 Christian Life Plan

Email Psychology: How to Write an Effective Email Campaign

Guide for Filipinos – Make Money By Making Fun Demo Videos

Learn Burp Suite, the Nr. 1 Web Hacking Tool

Start Up to Scale Up: A Growth Formula for Small Businesses

Freebie Mastery Course

Music Theory Level 1 – How Music Works and Basic Songwriting

Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing Channels

SMstudy® Marketing Strategy Associate certification course

How I Made THIS Udemy Course in Less Than 12 Hours!

SMstudy® Digital Marketing Associate certification Course

Analyze Market Opportunity

Dog Training: Train your dog to walk on a treadmill.

Get Hired! Answer The Toughest Job Interview Questions

101 – Docker Basics with DCHQ

The arts and history of tea

Make Money Create Your Online Freelance Outsourcing Business

Basic Technical Analysis: Learn the structure of the market

From Idea to Launch

Index Mutual Funds: Lower Cost-Risk & High Return Investing!

How you can be a good DJ with MonsterGODJ

Learn Dutch & Flemish from 0: start to read, speak and write

MongoDB Essentials – Understand the Basics of MongoDB

Instant Bodhran – learn Irish drum for fun and in sessions

Business Plan Financials made easy

Productivity Secrets – The Focus Mastery Class

Getup to speed with Majestic link building

AutoCAD 2D and 3D practice drawings

Agile Project Management: Scrum Step by Step with Examples

PowerPoint 2013 – Video Animation in Powerpoint

FREE – Developing Good Habits with Habitica

Work At Home And Make Money Throughout The Day With Your Biz

Music business: marketing for musicians or bands

How to Create a Udemy Course that Works!

Lucid Dreaming the Easy Way with the DILD technique

Lose Fat!High Intensity Medicine Ball Course, Beginner Level

Learn The Norwegian Language-basics

Start speaking German with the Present tense

2D Animation Essentials in Anime Studio Pro 11

Master WordPress Plugins: Shortcodes Ultimate – The Basics

Smart Investing Series: Investing Principles for Beginners

Free Lean Six Sigma Primer

Eclipse Tutorial For Beginners : Learn Java IDE in 10 Steps

Make Your Next Birthday One Worth Remembering

Ultimate guide to Linear Equations – Beginner

Ultimate guide to maths word problems Intermediate Part One

Music Theory Level 2: Chord Progressions and Song Writing

Time Management & Productivity Best Practices: Get More Done

The Complete Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013

File Encryption Basics and Practices with CrococryptFile

The McKinsey Way Of Excel Hacking and Dynamic Charting

How to Make a WordPress Website 2016

The Beginner’s Guide to the Futures and Options Trading

Introduction To CPA Marketing

Do quá nhiều course nên các khóa còn lại (bài post/viết từ ngày 22/1/2016 -> 9/4/2016hãy lấy tại:



(Có những bài mình chỉ share trên page facebook mà ko share trên blog và ngược lại. Nên cứ check theo ngày và check ở cả facebok và blog nhé 😀 Nhiều course hay lắm đừng bỏ lỡ 😀 )


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